Chicken Breeds - Which one to choose

Breed Selection

What Chicken Breed is Right for You?
Oh, the choices! Buff Orpingtons, Crevecoeurs, Cuckoo Marans, Pearl-White Leghorns, Sebrights.  Just the sounds of their names are so enticing – and poetic. Selecting your first flock of chickens or adding to your current flock is fun but so often mind-boggl...

What to expect with free ranging chickens?

Free Ranging

What to Expect from Free Ranging Chickens?
As you can see under COOPS & RUNS, we both have lovely coops/pen designed to keep our chickens perfectly safe and … pretty happy.

Now here’s why our chickens don’t stay in their wonderful homes all the time:

Because chickens love to MOVE.

There are v...

Best Chicken Coop and Chicken Run

Coop & Runs

Chicken Coops & Runs – Three Critical Features
As you’ll read on every good site, there are three critical things about chicken coops and runs:

They both have to be predator proof!
You want them to be large enough that you don’t have crowded, stressed chickens who are pecking at ea...

What is a chicken pecking order?

Pecking Order

The phrase “pecking order” has new meaning when you have chickens. You start to be aware that this old and venerable phrase—one that has been used just about forever (okay, I’ll have to look this up and find out just how long) in so many situations, both human and an...

What you need to know before you get chickens

Before You Get Chickens

There are a number of things that aren’t well-publicized about having chickens. If you’re considering joining the backyard chicken movement but haven’t yet, we hope you’ll read the following facts and take them into account in your decision-making:

Hens can live as long ...

Baby Chick Care - What you need to know?

Chick Care

How to Prepare Before Your Chicks Arrive
What do you need to have ready for these babies?
1)   A secure box with tall sides

2)   A heat lamp (any feed store or on Amazon)

3)   A watering dish that’s made for chicks (any feed store or on Amazon)

4)   A feede...